Today marks the 8th Anniversary of my current business. It started in my home study in November 2005. In the first month I did the grand sum of $2k in revenue! I have made a profit every year since inception – so pretty happy about that.

What started out as humble beginnings with no clients now we have clients in 40 countries (served by 20 team members in 4 locations) and have interacted with thousands of Accounting firms along the way. Providing a whole range of coaching, training, information products, online tools and software applications.

It’s been an exciting 8 years (and not all plain sailing) and I want to thank all the suppliers, team members, alliances, supporters and especially the clients for accepting the (sometimes) whacky ideas, the prodding the cajoling and the information we put forth. Happy Birthday to us – here’s to the next 8 and more!