I am entering my 25th year growing businesses. I love businesses – especially growth ones. I am an entrepreneur at heart and over the years I have developed a very simple model to grow any type of business.

Now this model assumes your product / service is top shelf and your market buys it.

It has 3 parts to it:

1) Community. Who is your target market? Once you know who you are targeting then obtain / create / JV a list of them. Make sure the list is clean (contact details) and large. A list of 1,000 will not cut it. You need a list of at least 10,000 of your target. You continue to grow the list and nurture the list

2) Brand. What are you all about? What does your brand say about you? Name, logo’s, office, values, proposition, standards etc. Continue to develop brand which must be targeted at your key buyer – back to point 1.

3) Activity. So you have a database, branding is on fire. If you leave it there then you’ll starve. You need to aggressively and shamelessly promote your value directly to your target community. Webinars, direct mail, direct email, teleseminars, seminars, post cards, pushing videos/articles, calling, visiting etc. Good old fashioned ‘in your face’ direct marketing.

If you get all 3 working in sync then you can’t help but grow your top line.

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