One of my coaches (and good friends) is a Monk. Well actually he’s an ex-monk. He retired from the Monastery around 7 years ago.

He lives in New York and he travels the world educating business audiences about what he learned as a Hindu Monk and how that applies to business.

One of my favorite teachings from Dandapani (that’s his name) is “finish what you start”.

I personally love it because it has so many connotations in life and business. Here are some examples:

  • If you start sleeping then the act of finishing sleeping is to make the bed


  • If you start preparing a meal, then the act of finishing the meal is to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen


  • If you set a goal to lose weight then you keep going until you reach the goal then buy new clothes


  • If you are going to meet someone then you finish with a quick thank you note or acknowledgement


  • If you start a project then you complete the project before you start another one – multi tasking is a crock


  • If you say “I’ll get that done by the end of the week” then you get it done on time and let the other person know that you have


  • If you make commitments of any kind to anyone then you stick to them and you finish them


  • If you say you’ll call me at 5:15pm then you call at precisely 5:15pm


  • If the meeting is to start at 10am then it starts at 10am and the action points / notes from the meeting are distributed before the next interruption


  • You do what you say you’re going to do and you finish what you start.


Just like you, I deal with people every day. What I find with most of my interactions is very loose commitments and disorganization. They say “yes, we’re good to get started in May – and they don’t’. Or “yes, I will make those sales visits / implement projects etc – and they do not”.

To me you can tell a lot about the character of the person if they do what they say they’re going to do they finish what they start.

Ever since I met Dandapani in May 2012 in Bahrain I have been making my bed every day. Do you?