When Accountants first interact with my coachingclub process or my content and methods they often get very excited about their potential.

If you  have had relatively modest growth / KPI improvement over the past few years then you hear about case study after example after case study that directly applies to your firm – you get excited. This is natural.

Just last week a multi-partner firm with flat revenue told me their goal was to double the revenue ($7.5m to $15M) in the next 3 years. That’s 26% per year of revenue growth. That can be done – however (without acquisitions) some major changes need to happen. This firm has a HUGE amount of untapped potential (>1200 clients who are under-serviced)  but their behavior, decisions and actions were telling me that they would not do it. Not even close.

But it’s 3 years away will say some of the partners. Yes it is. To grow by 26% per year you need approx. 2% revenue growth PER MONTH. Month in month out. If you fall behind then next month better be a cracker.

Business growth takes focus & discipline. It’s no different to fitness. If you are fat and unhealthy don’t expect to be BUFF next month. Or to flip it around the other way…. you can’t fatten the pig the day before the market. It takes time.

There is no issue with setting goals that stretch you – you just need the right strategies put in place.

Next week (Wednesday January 30 @ 1:30pm Brisbane time) I am running a free webinar on which goals to set and more importantly how to achieve them. You can register here.

Below is a sneak preview of some of the goals we will be looking at.