I’m sure you’ve been pretty busy. Let’s face it – all business owners are busy people. 

On top of providing your clients with top-notch service, there’s management, sales… Not to mention your private life. All those things are competing for your time. 

It’s the same with the people that you’re trying to reach out to. 

This means that you’re competing for their attention not just with your competitors. But with all the things that can distract your potential customers. 

Unfortunately, because of all that noise, they forget about you soon after you reach out. 

Did they download your eBook? Probably already forgot about it. 

Did you send them an email two weeks ago? That was ages ago. 

The problem is, you fade from your prospect’s regard the moment you’re not in front of them.

They forget about you. And you can’t let that happen. How to prevent that?

The key is to nurture the relationship. 

The premise is simple: make yourself memorable. Of course, you need to do that in a mature way. You don’t want to spam them or make them feel like you’re desperately trying to sell them something.

It can look like this:

Start with mentioning personal information on the first phone call. They might not remember you yet. But they’ll associate this call with you once you remind them about yourself a few times.

Next, send a handwritten thank you card after that first contact. This is HUGE if you want them to remember you – only a small percentage of companies do that.

Also, don’t forget to email confirmation with the next meeting details. Do that right after the first contact. 

Once you have the meeting set, use social media platforms to connect. 

As you can see, instead of having just one email you’ve just got in touch with them four times. And neither feels salesy.  

Of course, this is just one of the many sales techniques you can use. I also have a GAP template that you can use with clients in meetings to really understand their needs. Just comment GAP or let me know if you want a copy.