A-class clients are the backbone of highly successful accounting firms. 

To offer them the level of service they expect, you need to decrease inefficiencies in your firm. Most of the time, you can achieve that by tightening your processes.

One of the things that can help you deal with inefficient processes is modern technology. In fact, it can become your company’s best friend, taking your productivity to the next level. 

For example, how do your team members collaborate? Is communication seamless and without unnecessary delays? If you look around, you’ll find platforms that offer you exactly that. 

Similarly, other platforms can reduce human error or automate certain tasks (or both). Use them to automate activities  that add little value to your workflow. That way, you’ll leave your employees with more time to focus on things that push your business forward. 

Automating low-value tasks means you can deliver A-grade services with much less effort. Not to mention a much lower cost. 

Of course, all that technology is only as efficient as your team – so don’t forget about them. On top of providing your team with the latest software, you’ll need to train them. 

Just keep in mind that training rarely gives immediate results. You might have to wait for them to develop all the skills required to use the software effectively. 

But, if you keep training your team, their efficiency will keep growing.

And, after some time, you’ll find out that the end result was well worth the investment. Plus, you’ll be able to use all the extra time that you are saving to work with those A-grade clients your firm needs. 

Remember – if you think that there’s nothing to improve on, you’re probably wrong. Even if you’re already generating solid revenue numbers, there’re always a process you could change. In fact, this ongoing work is the key to building an accounting firm that makes >$1M per partner or more – while Partners work less than 500 client hours.

If that’s your goal, and your revenue is between $1M and $10M now, I might be able to help you. I’d like to invite you to become my case study firm. To discuss the idea, send me a message or  email with “case study”.