It’s been said that a persons greatest fear is public speaking – followed by death by fire! Go figure.

I have been speaking professionally since November 1993 when I gave my first speech for a paltry $850. It was a 4 hour ‘phone sales skills’ workshop for a retail auto parts store – I was 24. It went broke a few years later – no fault of mine I am sure.

Since then I have given over 1,700 paid speeches. They get easier over time but I always remember the following little mantra when I have a new presentation….

  1. The audience has no idea what you’re going to say – they have not been sent a script
  2. You have been asked to speak, you have the microphone which means you are in charge
  3. Whatever you say is going to be right

If that is not enough remember you always give 3 speeches…

  • The one you think you’re going to give
  • The one you actually give
  • The one you give to yourself afterwards!

People often get too worked up about making a speech or a presentation. It’ll never be right. Chill out and remember it could be worse. You’re not going to die by fire or feel embarrassed. You’ve been asked to speak for a reason!