Answering the calls of your clients can be time-consuming.

Especially if they keep calling you about every minor problem they have.

That’s where some accountants make a mistake that may be the one thing stopping them from achieving fast-paced growth.

They charge their clients for phone calls.

Seriously, how absurd is that? You should be charging for the quality of work that you provide – not for answering the phone. If you charge for calls, your clients will try to reduce them to the absolute minimum.

They won’t share critical information with you. And without the bigger picture, it’s impossible to excel and deliver results necessary to charge premium rates.

But, not only that. People talk to one another. Instead of looking at phone calls as a wasted time – think about all the word of mouth that can come out of this. If you charge them, business owners, managers, and other decision makers will jump ship.

Especially if they learn about someone who doesn’t.

On the other hand, think what’ll happen if you become the one that provides outstanding customer care at no fee.

And all friends and acquaintances of your customers will learn about that.

Can you see the potential ROI on the time spent?

Imagine you spend two hours talking to a customer on the phone and he brings you a new five/six-figure client. Can you see the value of that one phone call?

You’ve made thousands of dollars just by helping someone. No selling, no outreach, nothing. And you didn’t have to spend the money on closing the new client either, as he was already closed by all the good worth of mouth he heard.

These little things are what sets successful accountants from those who keep charging clients for their time to make ends meet.

But, you don’t charge your clients for phone calls, do you?