I am well into my seminar tour of 14 cities right now. It’s called ‘Capitalising on the Cloud’ and it is getting rave reviews.  5 cities so far with 9 to go. We have record numbers attending and right up front I ask a question who is a Partner of the firm and who is a Team Member.

We are getting a dis-proportionate amount of team members versus partners. That means Partners of the firm are sending other people rather than themselves. I started asking the team members what the strategy is with cloud. The answers are typically ‘I am here as the product champion for cloud’.

Many Partners are treating this as a product discussion not a strategy discussion. It’s a strategy discussion not a product that needs implementing!

Cloud technology affects every area of the Accounting firm. Like:

  1. Your labour force. With 30-40% efficiencies do you need as many people and are they the right people in the future.
  2. Your firms systems. Cloud practice management changes the dynamics of how you work  internally.
  3. Your client locations. You can have clients anywhere in the world.
  4. Your labour location. With internet based systems your labour force can be anywhere.
  5. Your services. With data that is real time, accessed anywhere from any device it means you can offer much much more value added services.
  6. Your value. By being a ‘real time’ accountant with real time information you are offering a tremendous amount of value.

The last point is the big one. Offering value 9 months after the fact has no value to the client. It’s redundant data and useless.

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