Continuing on with my hugely popular interviews with Tim Reed (CEO, MYOB) and Rod Drury (CEO, Xero) I had the pleasure of catching up with Paul Dunn in Singapore this week.

Paul first started his career (with Accountants) working at Hartley Computers in the late 1970’s. He then went on (in 1992) to create Results Accountants Systems (RAS) and the legendary Accountants Boot Camp. Some 3,500 Accounting firms attended the Boot Camp over a 9 year period. After selling his interest in RAS in 2000 he has written countless articles on the profession and his book (co-authored with Ron Baker) “Firm of the Future” continues to be a best seller. He has developed a keen interest in how technology will impact the profession. As Paul will say ‘it’s all about adding value and the technology is finally here to enable Accountants to do that”. Just like the impact he has made on the Accounting profession he now is making a massive impact throughout the world through his ‘giving organisation’ B1G1 . So far B1G1 has positively impacted >16M people around the world.

I first met Paul in 1987 and I had the pleasure of directly working with Paul from 1994 – 2000. His comments are ‘vendor agnostic’ and from the heart.

Enjoy the interview.