I’d like to ask you a VERY important question.

What clients do you work with?

Are these stable companies that need an experienced business accountant and advisor?

Someone who can bring real value to the table, on top of helping them stay compliant.

Or do you onboard just about anyone who happens to need accounting services?

If you agree to work with any company that gets in touch with you, you’re losing big time!

You see, I believe that, when it comes to accounting, small clients can be very limiting.

First, they probably won’t be able to afford the rates that your services are worth.

And I believe every accountant who’s willing to work for it, should be making >$1M profit per year while working less than 500 client hours. 

However, it’s hard to get there with small clients who need just a fraction of your services.

That’s why you’ve got to hand-pick your clients.

Working with bigger clients and selling all those who do not fit your requirements is one of the core strategies that allow my clients to multiply their revenue – often in less than a year.

In fact, I personally choose to work with established accounting firms who are ambitious. 

However, if your revenue is around $500K per year – let me show an example of a client that was at the exact revenue level.  

The below were their numbers when they started working with me:

  •   Average hourly rate across the entire team – $37
  •   Average hourly rate for client hours – $56
  •   Annual revenue – $419,459

However, in 12 months, we’ve been working to change these numbers to the following:

  •   Average hourly rate across the entire team – $160 – the benchmark set at over $250
  •   Average hourly rate for client hours – $256 – the benchmark set at over $500

And what about their revenue? It’s targeted at $1,934,189.

That’s over four times their initial revenue – and $1.5 million increase in revenue.

In 12 months.

Of course, choosing the right client is just one of the strategies. If you want to achieve similar results, you’ll have to do more than that – this includes making significant changes to the whole business model of your accounting firm.

But if you’re ambitious and I feel that you’re the right fit – then let’s make it happen.

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