Most Accounting firms are operating their business by default – not operating their business by design.

Most Accounting firms just seem to exist. They get through the years with a limited plan, they seem to ‘acquire’ a bunch of clients who are ‘hotch potch’ of make, model & size. They do not typically run the firm like a business, and worst of all the Partners typically operate the firm based on leanings from the Partners of the firms where they used to be employees.

This beast that you own is a business – not a practice. You own it. You take all the risk. Your name is on legal documents. Your name is on the insurance policies, the credit cards, the loans, the leases. Your entire team will all leave one day (they eventually always do) and you’ll still be there. Your clients are in the deal for their annual fee and their work done. Your team members are in it for their salary and career progression. You are in this thing for millions!

This thing that you own is not a community service or a charity. However, many firms operate just like that. They operate like a not-for-profit, community-serving establishment taking on clients they don’t like, doing work they don’t like and dealing with people they don’t particularly like either.

Remember, it’s your business and no one else’s. You should be the benefactor of the spoils and the one enjoying it the most. One of the key purposes of a business is to create wealth for the owners.  How’s that going for you?