I told you about the importance of phone calls – and why you should NEVER charge for one.

Of course, while you can’t avoid phone calls from your clients, you can’t spend hours on the phone either. But, how to avoid excess communication and still show your customers that you care? All that while providing them with top customer service and increasing the chance that they stick with your services?

Be succinct.

Get straight to the point. Chit chat is fine (and helps strengthen the bond), but if your customers have a clear, laser-focused question, give them the answer they’re looking for. Don’t bore them with details they don’t want to hear. They don’t need them and probably won’t remember them either .

This doesn’t apply exclusively to phone calls. Remember that super-lengthy email that you wrote last time just to answer a simple question? And which took you an hour to write?

Keep all your messages short. Start with value and then chit chat for a while if you both feel like it.

Of course, whether you should even chit chat will depend on the client.

Some clients might not be interested in talking to you at all. And I don’t just mean chit chat – but they might not be interested in any phone calls at all.

So, how to know how much you should be communicating with them?

It’s simple – just ask them. The easiest way to do that is to survey them. But, you can even ask a question during a phone call about the updates.

Your clients will know best what they’d like to hear from you – and how much of it.

The right balance is the key to building relationships the smart way. In the end, why waste your precious time when it doesn’t bring any results?

Not to mention that excess communication could annoy your client, worsening the relationship.                                                                                                                                                                            

And relationships are the key to growing your brand and working with the best.

Because, you want to work with the best clients there are, don’t you?