How two Accounting firms doubled profits and had their “best tax seasons yet” in under 12 months

Join me and two special guests as we discuss growing profits and reclaiming lifestyle in the FREE WEBINAR

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This webinar is sure to be an invaluable session to help any Accounting firm expand its business while also creating more time for Accountants to start living the lives their skill and expertise deserve.

What's on offer...

This webinar is about real stories, from real Accountants who want to share with you what really works. Jason and Paula have both just experienced their "best tax seasons yet" and want to empower other Accountants to do the same.

This Webinar Will Share With You How-to...

Free-up Time

Accountants by and large are overworked, and not experiencing the business and lifestyle success they deserve. Take control of your time.

Work Efficiently

It’s time to start having weekends during tax time - no more poor processes that deplete your time and efficiency.

Grow Your Business

Have the business side of things running smoothly and steadily growing, while you get on with your day-to-day.

Find & Manage Talent

Getting the right people on your team is key to succsess, so I'm going to show you where to find them and how to manage them.

Hear from the Accountants who've made it

Jason Paar

CPA/Partner @Paar Melis

Quick fire gems: 2 Partners, 18 people, $4.2M run rate, 62% profit, Profit (cash increase) of 48%, best tax season ever. Jason graduated from Shepherd University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and a minor in economics. Prior to starting Paar Melis & Associates, along with Reed Melis in 1992, Jason worked for a small regional accounting firm. He achieved his CPA designation in 1995. He is a member of the Maryland Society of Accountants and an AICPA member as well. His hobbies include golf, running, fitness, basketball and cars.

Paula Field

CPA, Owner @ Paula Field CPA

Quick fire gems: In 2017 Paula had revenue of $440,236 and profit of $101,777. In July 2018 Rob Nixon started coaching Paula and her team. By the time the year finished she eclipsed $1M in revenue for the first time. Now 6 months into 2019 she is on track for at least $1.5M in revenue this year. And it is not just top line growth. She is making more profit than she has ever had as well. “We’re 12 months into our coaching program and we’ve more than tripled the revenue with no end in sight.” Paula does not have a niche market, she is a ‘GP’ firm in the suburbs with loads of small clients. She is consistently bringing on new $30K clients based on her marketing and sales approach.

About me, your host, Rob Nixon

I love to dive deep and share stories of how accounting firms have transformed their businesses to increase revenue and profit, while also reducing time. After 25 years coaching Accountants in 18 countries, I’ve learnt how to boost profits by an average of 93% in one year.

My training programs are being used in over 35 countries and my experience extends to training 178,000 Accountants on how to grow revenue and profit while reducing time.

But above all, I think Accountants are awesome! I’ve worked with literally thousands of Accountants over the past few decades and I am consistently impressed by the level of skill and expertise these professionals exhibit. So my goal is to create better lifestyles for Accountants and have them start living the lives they deserve.