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“The Wealthy Accountant: How Accountants Can Earn More Than $1M PROFIT While Working Less Than 500 Hours”

What a week! Received confirmation from 3 different groups that they all accepted our proposals.  They all look like A clients that will be provided bookkeeping, year end and advisory work and total fees over $150,000 with about half immediately and the other half on recurring monthly over the next year. Funny thing is they are all outside of our city, cloud-based work opened up that opportunity for us for all of them and a good chance they will refer others” – David W.

Exciting Win – Took a client billing $39,000 a year to $72,000 a year ($6k a month). Think the additional work will take 50-75 hours and most of it will be done by interns. High level work will be probably 10-20 hours a year. Expecting an AHR over $400 maybe over $500 once all systems in place. Did phase 3 proposal and client took highest price with no negotiation or back and forth” – Brian

We just had a Record Quarter basically 5 x profit from last quarter” – Karl G.

We wanted to share – 2 new clients have accepted our proposals for over $100k for remote controllership/bookkeeping services. Just as exciting is that they both signed AC” – Ron S.

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Why am I doing these 20-min consultations? One thing I have found in my 26 years of coaching accountants is that busy firms just want to skip to the relevant chapter and make it happen ASAP.

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