I’d like to talk to you a bit about the thing that separates the winners from the grinders. 

Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of accounting firms of all sizes. This includes sole proprietors who work with small local businesses and big corporations.

They all offer a particular service. That’s what keeps them afloat. But, only some of them (usually the most successful ones) offer something else.

They strive to make a difference.

Thousands of accountants out there will eagerly fill the tax returns and take care of the books. But only those who make that one step further are those that stand out. Those that don’t treat their work as a pure grind from season to season.

They’re the ones that charge premium fees and work with high-paying clients.

Of course, if you want to get there, you need to ask yourself two questions.

Can I provide services that make a difference to my niche?

And, even more importantly, what type and depth of expertise can I bring to the table?

Only once you have the answers you can start working on the right strategy to get the best clients.

You need to find what client “success” means, and how you can help them achieve it. Understand how your services can improve their business (beyond filing tax returns). Then, start offering exactly that. You might have to focus on a particular niche to really let your expertise shine.

Why you should strive to make a difference? If the client sees value in your services, they’re willing to keep paying you for those services. Some may even pay premium fees to keep working with you.

Additionally, making a difference means achieving great results. And great results make excellent case studies. Which can help you attract even more customers.

Every win for your customers is a win for you.

And if a win takes the form of a case study, you get more top-notch marketing material.

Speaking of case studies, if you already have a decent revenue, I’d like to ask you to become a case study firm. But, that’s only if you are serious about earning >$1M profit per partner and want to reduce your client time below 500 hours per year. Also, you’ll need to be between $500K and $5M in revenue now and be ambitious.

But, if that’s you – and you want to make a difference, go ahead and shoot me an email.