Getting your team (and Partners) on the same page as you is so so important. It can sometimes be hard but it doesn’t need to be.

Once everyone is on the same page and rowing in the same direction your business will really fly.

The first step in getting everyone on the same page is having a page they want to be part of!

What is the vision?
What is the direction?
Who do we want to serve?
What do we want to sell and deliver?
How will we know if we’ve made it?
What are the milestones and time-frames?

All valid questions that need answering. This is how I coach my best Accounting firms in my Mastermind program to do it.

I call it the Alignment Plan.

It starts with you. What do you want? You’re the business owner so you should set the rules in your favor. All of your team will eventually move on and you’re the one always left. It’s your signature / reputation / debt / assets on the line – no one eles’s! So design the business so it suits you.

There are 5 BIG questions to answer when re-designing your business. In order…

1. What is your ideal business life – clients you work with, travel, type of work you deliver etc

2. What are your ideal numbers – profit, revenue, cash needs each month, number of clients, average fee per client, wealth

3. What are the products / services you want your firm to deliver – what floats your boat and keeps you in your A game

4. What is your your ideal team / culture – who do you need around to support you, location, style, behavior etc

5. Who are the ideal clients who’ll buy what you want to sell, pay what you want them to pay and do it on your terms – only A class clients

Set the rules, be strict with adherence to them and win the game!

Once you’ve done that now you can introduce your plan to your team. Give a presentation and tell them the sort of firm you want to create. Inspire them. Then get the team to help you brainstorm what you need to change / alter / stop / re-do to make it happen. Create an action plan and execute with lazer focus – what I like to call ‘Lazercution’.

Those that don’t buy in to your new plan then coach them. If they still don’t buy in then free up their future. You don’t want any hands on the handbrake of your supercharged vehicle. Life’s too short to put up with people who are not aligned.

As Nike say – just do it.