If your total number of days in lock-up, being your combined work-in-progress and receivables balances, is more than 40 days in total, your workflow process is not as effective as it should be.  More than 1000 Accounting firms that we have worked with, have less than 40 days in lock-up, our top accounting firms have less than 10! How do they achieve this?

By implementing the ProClient Workflow System via the 90 Day Accountants Challenge.

What will the challenge enable me to do?

There are 3 key steps to helping any size Accounting firm to grow revenue and profits.

  1. Get better with what you’ve got — workflow, WIP, receivables etc
  2. Get capacity — people structure, equipment & policies.
  3. Get active with marketing & sales techniques — using value pricing with new services.

This challenge focuses on the first and second one. The objective is get maximum efficiencies in your firm over a 90 day period. By participating in the challenge you will Dramatically reduce WIP, turnaround time and reduce your accounts receivable balances.

What is the Outcome of the challenge?

If you implement what you have learned from the challenge you will drive time down on client jobs by becoming more efficient and still maintaining quality control and have happy clients.

You will receive also practical tips and insights on how to:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Offer Value Added Services
  • Create Efficiency
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Reduce turnaround time to circa 10 days
  • Reduce WIP balances to circa 10 days or less
  • Reduce Receivables balances to circa 30 days or less

This is guided coaching program over 90 days. It starts on November 1 and ends on Jan 31. Every “challenger” starts together and ends together. Along the way you’ll have access to our online tools, online learning centre, success library and our coaching team. We’ll measure your results before, during and after – keeping you accountable along the way. We have 441 signed up already. More information and sign up process can be accessed from this website.

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