Yesterday in Auckland was my last seminar in the series. We called the event “Capitalising on the Cloud”. It was a truly awesome 1 day seminar with amazing feedback from those that attended. It was a massive production that lasted 5 weeks – Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 5 weeks.

It was actually my 2nd largest seminar tour in Australasia in 20 years. Here are the event stats:

  • 14 cities
  • 660 Accounting firms
  • 1,354 people attending
  • 27 flights
  • 25 hotel room nights
  • 30,289 KM of air travel
  • 1,036 KM of road trip
  • 636 Questions answered (loads of questions each day)
  • 672 songs played – 48 per event
  • 322 funny jokes/stories told (at least they laughed at most of them)
  • 81 people supporting – team on site + event partners
  • 4 games of golf (not enough I know)
  • 6 fish caught (lovely rainbow trout)

And the BIG one. The 660 Accounting firms committed to signing up another 46,200 of their clients to a  ‘cloud accounting’ system in the next 12 months. That will take our tally on my cloud product PANalytics to more than 84,406 users.

Special thanks to our event partners, MYOB, CCH, Accountancy Insurance, FeeLink & SMSF advice.

Time for a rest!