Today marks 21 years to the day working exclusively with Accounting firms around the world. On May 20 1994 I presented a seminar to the small business clients of Ellis Ryan in Coonamble, NSW, Australia. It’s a small town of 3,000 people literally (for my USA readers) in the ‘outback’. Prior to meeting Ellis I was running a series of seminars for small businesses. I was using all sorts of marketing to get them into the room – TV, Radio, Newspaper ads, Mail, faxing etc. None of it was working and I was going broke a million miles an hour. Ellis attended my very large seminar (8 people only) the month prior and said ‘will you come to my town and do this seminar for my clients?’ Absolutely I said.

So I designed a direct mail marketing system that Ellis used to promote this seminar. His letterhead, my words and his signature. We had 56 people turn up to the Coonamble RSL Club (Returned serviceman’s club). 56 people! He only had a client base of 126. We were amazed. It was the biggest event I had ever done. I made a profit of $2,500 on the night and I thought – wow, these Accountants are really great at filling a room. So from that day I have worked exclusively with Accountants. It’s my birthday so here are some stats that I am proud of:

In the last 21 years…

  • Around 150,000 people in live seminars
  • Around 30,000 people on webinars
  • Around 2,000 speaking engagements of some sort
  • Product in 42 countries
  • 1 job and 5 businesses (one of the businesses has had 3 brand makeovers)
  • Spoken / interviewed or visited Accountants in 8 countries
  • 2 books written and published
  • Hundreds of articles, white papers & blog posts
  • Dozens of media interviews
  • Thousand and thousands of Accountants helped
  • Around a hundred employees coming and going
  • No idea how much new revenue & profit created for Accountants – but a LOT
  • 1 brilliant piece of software which will shape the profession globally

I have stuck to Accountants because I believe in them. I believe they are the natural trusted adviser. I believe they can help their clients to run better businesses. I believe that when they have the real time data they can make a massive difference. Pumped!