With cloud accounting implemented with your clients you now have access to more ‘real time’ financial data than ever before. With the data being so up to date there is an amazing opportunity for you to add value with new services.

You can even take it up a notch and get daily and automatic ‘KPI feeds’ direct to your device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) that will tell you the story as to what is going on – good and bad.

Now that you have all this data what are you going to do with it? I think you have a duty of care and obligation to advise the clients how to improve the data. If you are living by the mantra of “all clients are buying all services that help them achieve their goals” then it’s not selling new services. It’s servicing your clients properly.

Here is a list of 15 new services that you could offer:

  1. Cash flow analysis – where does the money go
  2. Forecasting
  3. Profit improvement program
  4. Monitoring & accountability program
  5. Debt re-structuring
  6. Capital raising
  7. Interest reduction service
  8. Waste audit
  9. Revenue improvement strategies
  10. Creditor analysis & negotiation
  11. Product profitability analysis
  12. Debtor management service
  13. Tax planning & minimisation
  14. Business Planning
  15. Inventory management system

All are valuable services that will make a significant impact to your client’s financial future. By ‘staying close to the numbers’ you have a better chance of the client buying the service. With good systemisation of the services you can have Accountants of all levels deliver the service – not just the partners.

You will need to learn some sales skills on how to have your clients buy them. You may also need some new tools so you can systemise the services.