Over the past 4 weeks I have interviewed both Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB and Rod Drury, CEO of Xero. Both these companies are leading the charge in SME accounting systems. As per the interviews MYOB’s AccountRight Live is in pilot with SME’s and accountants, and will be ready to go to market as soon as they tell them it is ready, which MYOB say will most likely be Q4 this calendar year. Xero already have 100,000+ customers on their cloud based application.

The interviews are all about the internet and the effect it will have on SME’s and their Accountants. Would love your comments on what the 2 CEO’s have got to say.

Make sure you put your volume up. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Rob, very interesting – however, our Rod gets my vote!

  2. Hey Rob good stuff these were both very interesting interviews. I’ve been telling my accountant about Xero for years and they still just don’t get it. I’m sure they will but it’s a big change to make.

    On another note, accountants building websites is a pretty scary thought (no offence) ha ha.

  3. Thanks Rob, Great interviews! MYOB need move much quicker now, or will out of job… I just love XERO.

    Hi Dan, not all accountants are that bad! We just love cloud. 🙂
    (like your product concept, too. but going to be a HUGE project for you…)

  4. Great set of interviews, in the end Xero has my vote. I think MYOB is way to slow to react and they will quickly lose their market share.

  5. Thank you Rob Nixon. I have never been a MYOB fan but was impressed by their CEO on two fronts. Firstly he understands the accountants role much more than the Xero CEO and is able to articulate the inter relationships between accountant client and software supplier with empathy and usefulness, in contrast I thought Xero was a little demeaning of accountants.
    Secondly it sounds like the MYOB cloud tool will be much more ‘grunty’ than Xero so there is definitley some muscling up to watch as we all move into this space.
    Possibly one of these CEO’s recognises &/or understands the massive value good accountants regularly and consistently bring to their clients. He therefore gets my vote and I will look forward to testing his new tool soon.

  6. Hi Rob,

    Very interesting video interviews here. Really liked the messages both were expressing their views on how software and accounting services are changing. Personally, I thought Xero was better – but then, we’re very much into SasS and how that affects financial outsourcing here in the UK.

  7. Uri

    Wow head to head!
    Thanks for sharing – this is going straight to the pool room 🙂

    I think the reality is not black and white and that there will not be a clean shift from “desktop” to “online” – I think (and built a company around it) that next generation software will be “web enabled”.

    They can run on your desktop, or a web server or an iphone or a Android phone or tablet. All using the same data and all inter-connected.

    The difference between tablet and laptop is already blurred and this trend will continue with the kind of software you can run on your next “device”. Does it really matter if it runs locally or not?

    The argument for bank feed has been so over used that I cant believe it is still useful. First bank feeds can be done from a web enabled desktop software, 2nd importing an OFX file has the same end result (with better meta-data) than current bank feeds.

    From what I can see the MYOB CEO is not so worried about Xero lol

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