Getting Ready

WARNING: Rant about to happen. Hindsight is a wonderful teacher. In hindsight…. I wasn’t ready to get married when I was 22 but I did it anyway. I’m still married 26 years later – to the same person! I wasn’t ready to start having children at the age of 25 but we did it anyway.…

Successful event marketing

My first public event I organised and promoted was in January 1994. Since then I have been directly responsible for around … 2,000 events – from 2 hours to 4 days 120,000 people attending $40M in direct event revenue $150M in back end sales That’s a lot of event marketing, a lot of logistics and…

Life long learning

I get to meet many people who say they are ‘life long learners’. Yet upon closer inspection they are not really exercising their muscle between the ears. I find most people in the quandary of ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’. I have a view that someone has…

Istanbul in 4 days

This past 4 days I have been in Istanbul, Turkey at an Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) conference (also Paris & Singapore on way home). There were 800 of us from 35 countries attending the Istanbul conference. I attend these events as part of my quest to search the globe for latest/best/greatest ideas on business and personal…

I am a very keen (mad) golfer. I golf in the rain. My clubs are always with me and I have 3 major golfing goals. One is easy the other 2 hard:

Goal 1 – Play every top 100 golf course in Australia

Goal 2 – Play every top 100 golf course in the World

Goal 3 – Play off scratch (zero handicap)

So with goal 3 I have regular coaching. I really love my coaching sessions. James my coach always challenges me and finetunes something. Each session I learn something new as well. And as a good coach he keeps me accountable.

This weeks lesson he invented a new game where I had to chip (46 metres) into a made up hoop. It was quite a challenge. There were points allocated to each good shot and points taken away for each bad shot. A bad shot was when I did not get in the hoop. I was on minus 13 (not good) after 20 balls.

I was getting quite frustrated and said “I am going to play this way I would normally play it”. James snapped back (and he’s the pro remember) – “PLAY IT THE  WAY I TEACH YOU”.

Ahhh. He’s the pro and I’m not. So I did play it the way he taught me and it worked. I got to plus 16 for the next 20 balls.

How many times do you listen to experts and not do what they say? You should only listen to people who are much much better than you. When I am playing golf often I have my opponents (who are not pro’s) say “can I give you a tip”. NO is my automatic response.

I am only going to listen to someone who is much much better than me. In life and in business. Who are you listening to?