My marketing manager left today

My long serving Marketing Manager, Michelle Henson, left today to follow a business opportunity. In 4 1/2 years she has been truly amazing. What she wrote about the company on her last day makes me very proud and very humble. Below are Michelle’s words unedited. What is it like working for Panalitix? My first interaction…

1155 already registered

Yesterday I presented day one of my Capitalising on the Cloud seminar in Newcastle. I am touring 14 cities in Australia and New Zealand. Probably coming to a city near you! Gold Coast tomorrow and Brisbane on Friday. Already 1,155 Accountants are registered which is awesome. The feedback was amazing. The Accountants loved it and…

We launched the Proactive Accountants Network on May 18. Already we have 75 firms in the network and $135M in group revenue. That makes us about no. 9 largest group in Australasia. We also have a further 155 firms in the training and qualification program – they should be accepted for membership over the next 6-18 months.

The network is all about marketing, sales & services. We are providing marketing assistance, sales training and specifically products that Proactive Accountants can take to their clients. All of our products are business advisory tools to help businesses grow and develop their businesses.

If you are and Accountant wanting to be recognised as proactive (and really differentiate your firm) then register your interest.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a Proactive Accountant then find one here.

Check out below what a number of members had to say about the network.

I am humbled by these responses from some of the most admired people in the global Accounting profession. You can review and buy a copy of my book here.

“This book is full of enormously useful, practical and profitable ideas and insights. It will take courage to follow all of its advice – especially the brilliantly challenging section on how to reward partners – but if you do you will have a much better practice and a much better life.”
Steve Pipe FCA – AVN Founder and Head of Research and author of The UK’s best accountancy practices

“This is a powerful and profoundly important book. Rob Nixon brings 17 years of making a difference in the profession into a laser-like focus. It burns away the myths and unlocks the real secrets of creating a practice that does great things brilliantly.”

Paul Dunn, Author of The Firm of the Future (previously Chairman Results Accountants’ Systems and creator of the Accountants Boot Camp)

“Accounting Practices Certainly Don’t Add Up! – In his excellent book, Rob Nixon captures the essence of what is wrong with the traditional accounting firm model. But, unlike many who moan that things aren’t right, Rob is different – he provides the reader with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to help them redesign and rework their business model. I wish this book was around when I was in public accounting, but for that to have happened Rob would have to be MUCH older!

To all in public accounting – BUY THIS BOOK! Read it, absorb the concepts and ideas and then get to work ON your business rather than IN it, and reap the rewards.”
Steve McIntyre-Smith – Leading consultant to the Canadian Accounting Profession.

Hello Rob,

Sincere thanks to you and your fabulous marketing team at Nixon Advantage for extending Entica with an invitation to witness the Launch of the Proactive Accountants Network program.

We at Entica are extremely proud of the new relationship we have with Nixon, and felt further privileged to join the PAN ‘family’ in witnessing your dynamic Webinar earlier this week.

We enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and found it equally informative, entertaining and relevant.

As members of a professional service delivery business, we too often hunger for opportunities to; build networks with like-minded colleagues, discover strategies for creating greater efficiency/profit/cash flow, capitalise on other companies experience and to be ‘led’ to reflect on the value in our own enterprise.

So we offer a hearty Congratulations to you Rob – the PAN program is clearly already a success, but would appear to be poised to draw out more of the very best Accountancy enterprises from across the country; to share, grow and profit collectively.

Entica is excited to be onboard the Nixon ‘member benefit’ express……..and look forward to the opportunity to creatively collaborate with some of these innovative, successful and dynamic Accountancy firms in Australia. So bring them on……

We wish you and Nixon all the best with the PAN program, and with the many exciting activities you have planned across the Nixon Advantage schedule for 2011/12.

Yours sincerely, Peter

Peter Lynch
Managing Director

230 harcourt street
post office box 696
new farm, qld, 4005