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Early (interesting) praise for my new book

My new book is coming out on March 27. I have sent it to a number of industry leaders around the world for comment and (if they like it) a testimonial. This one was received. When you read it you’ll realize that I cannot exactly publish the entire thing on the jacket of the book. But I will publish a sanitized version. Here it is in it’s entirety.


Rob Nixon is up to it again. His latest book ‘Remaining Relevant’ is full of shit.

And boy is this good shit!

If you believe that the public accounting profession is immune from change, you have a rude awakening coming.

There is a huge movement to the cloud that’s happening here and now which is further commoditizing what used to be our bread and butter. Bookkeeping is becoming automated. H & R Block are accelerating the problem with their $9.99 tax return service, now you can’t get much more commoditized than that!

Outsourcing and the ‘virtual office’ is becoming a way of life for accountants in the know. We have to change what we do and how we think in order to survive. If we want to grow and flourish, we have to get into value added services and break away from time-based billing.

We have to be more selective in which clients we work with, what we do for them and how we bill them. We have to embrace the changes technology offers us as practitioners and fight back!

This book offers a roadmap to success for the entrepreneurial accountant, backed up by some pretty thorough and impressive research. If you’re running an accounting firm and still want to be in business in five years time, then you need to read this book.

It’s as simple as that.

Steve McIntyre-Smith – Consultant to the public accounting profession –

My marketing manager left today

My long serving Marketing Manager, Michelle Henson, left today to follow a business opportunity. In 4 1/2 years she has been truly amazing. What she wrote about the company on her last day makes me very proud and very humble. Below are Michelle’s words unedited.

What is it like working for Panalitix?

My first interaction was one of disbelief, something must be wrong; no company can have an energy like this.

Every single person in the team in amazing, I have never worked with such fun people before. And the clients, who would have thought,  accountants are so much fun.  I have made some great professional relationships in my time here.

If there are any bad eggs, they quickly eject themselves, as the company is one of collaboration, movement and being bad ass.

I cannot spread my arms the breadth enough to explain the opportunities you get to not only succeed in your role but to continuously learn and grow personally and professionally.

When you start a role here you will get the Rob talk “One day you will leave here….:

That is the defining conversation. The standards speak it. So do your best, do more than your best and through it you will become a better person.

If you do not have a personality, inner strength, or desire for greatness then this is not a place for you.

Clients ask – are you leaving? No I am not leaving. It is like the California Hotel, you can check out but you can never leave. Rob, Colin and their company – no matter what it is called, leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind, one that is only ever open to the future.

I go with a heavy heart after 4 ½ years. If not for personal circumstance, I believe this would be a lifetime role.

I studied an MBA but the best business knowledge I ever acquired was by working with Rob Nixon and Colin Dunn.

I will miss working here, and the high you get from team interactions, meeting dynamics and role variety.

The Love my seminar

My “Capitalising on the Cloud” seminar tour is in full swing. Great feedback & engagement. Awesome numbers. Still got spots available – more info here.


1155 already registered

Yesterday I presented day one of my Capitalising on the Cloud seminar in Newcastle. I am touring 14 cities in Australia and New Zealand. Probably coming to a city near you! Gold Coast tomorrow and Brisbane on Friday. Already 1,155 Accountants are registered which is awesome.

The feedback was amazing. The Accountants loved it and more importantly when I read the implementation forms they are going (at least they said so) to implement the ideas.

It’s a full day covering

  • Cloud Accounting
  • Cloud practice management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Outsourcing
  • Value Added Services

And loads of new tools, techniques, tips and hints.  It’s all about the “How To”. I have 2 successful Accountants speaking at each event as well. You can still register. Check out the cities I am still to go to. Hope to see you there. More information and registration details here. Check out the highlights reel from yesterday.

Connecting Accountants

We launched the Proactive Accountants Network on May 18. Already we have 75 firms in the network and $135M in group revenue. That makes us about no. 9 largest group in Australasia. We also have a further 155 firms in the training and qualification program – they should be accepted for membership over the next 6-18 months.

The network is all about marketing, sales & services. We are providing marketing assistance, sales training and specifically products that Proactive Accountants can take to their clients. All of our products are business advisory tools to help businesses grow and develop their businesses.

If you are and Accountant wanting to be recognised as proactive (and really differentiate your firm) then register your interest.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a Proactive Accountant then find one here.

Check out below what a number of members had to say about the network.