My Goal Achievement Process

Happy new year! At this time of year there is a lot of conversation on social media platforms regarding ‘new years resolutions’ and ‘goal setting’ but very little on the process of achieving the goals. So I thought I would give you in detail my goal achievement process. Let me just start by saying that…

Time to Die

I have 20,570 days left to live. That’s exactly when I turn 100. I figure that’s a good innings. That’s my goal – to leave this current world in just over 56 years. I have an app on my iPhone that counts down each second. It’s very sobering to look at it ticking away (as…

Istanbul in 4 days

This past 4 days I have been in Istanbul, Turkey at an Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) conference (also Paris & Singapore on way home). There were 800 of us from 35 countries attending the Istanbul conference. I attend these events as part of my quest to search the globe for latest/best/greatest ideas on business and personal…

Recently Nat & I were with Sir Richard Branson and a small group of future Astronauts (I am flying with Virgin Galactic soon) at Richards private retreat – the fabulous Kasbah Tamadot in Marocco.

As I am giving a testimonial for my space flight Richard creeps through the bushes and scares the living daylights out of me. About 1.10min in. Enjoy!

Last week I was in Bahrain at a leadership conference for Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) for 4 days – well the conference was 1.5 days. I am proud to be a board member of the Brisbane Chapter of EO. The Brisbane chapter is one of the fastest growing chapters in the world. In Bahrain we had 350 EO leaders from around the world gather to learn and share experiences. I had never been to Bahrain before so I was looking forward to it.

Day 1:

I flew over on Etihad business class which was ontime, pleasant, flat bed seat but nothing real remarkable. By the time we got to the Hotel – 21 hours after leaving Brisbane – it was 10am local time. So off to a massage at 10:30 and then hit the golf course for a 1:30pm tee off at the Royal Golf Club Bahrain. It was very weird playing golf with oil pipes running past the fairways and oil pumps actually pumping oil when you are playing. The course also had the worlds biggest bunkers! I shot 82 off the stick which included 3 birdies so I was happy with that. I won the day and the money!

We pushed through the jetlag as acclimatized to local time. That night I met up with some other EOers and had dinner and few drinks.

Day 2:

My mate Matt and I were able to book a charter boat and “dive guide” to go pearl diving with scuba gear on. By the time we had gotten to our destination (30 minutes off shore) we had seen dolphins, sting ray, a US Aircraft carrier and countless oil tankers. It was an awesome experience hunting for pearls. They grow in wild oysters so we were literally hunting on the ocean bed for them. We caught about 100 oysters, shucked them and got absolutely zero pearls. I have a feeling we went to the wrong spot – particularly when our guide told us afterwards that this was the first time she had been pearl diving!

We got to see a bit of the architecture which is just amazing. I suppose when money is no object you can build what you want.

We got back to base just in time for the conference to start at around 3pm. The conference was at the Bahrain International Circuit – home of F1 in Bahrain. After the opening sessions we had a cocktail party / dinner then “after hours” – which means a drink (or 5) at the bar.

Day 3:

Started the day with a photo on the start / finish line of the grand prix circuit. You don’t get to do that every day. Then it was into conference all day and then finishing with a gala dinner in the National Museum of Bahrain. We were the 3rd ever group to have a function there – very cool. Conference over. More “after hours” and little sleep.

Because of the riots a few months back the police station themselves (just before dusk) at every intersection and roundabout with massive SWAT type 4WD vehicles. That didn’t stop a fire bomb going off in front of some friends of mine in a taxi as they came back from the night club.

Day 4:

Decided to play another round of golf in the searing heat and howling wind. We were in the middle of a sand storm that had blown in from Saudi Arabia. Not at all pleasant – we gave up after 9 holes. That afternoon a bunch of us went go kart racing at the F1 track. As you’d expect I won the day and the money – bit of a pattern going on here! I am not sure that my very tall German friends appreciated been beaten by an Aussie!

We were about to head back to the hotel when we were able to talk our way into the neighbouring drag racing track. The security guard with the big gun was not that helpful but when one of our shuttle busses turned up we had some leverage to get in. This thing was amazing. It did 0-100km in 1.6 seconds. 1050 BHP and covered the 1/4 mile in 8 seconds reaching 250km at the end. It felt like your eyes were put in the back of your head as it accelerated. It was a 3 seater special with the driver at the front and then 2 passengers. They are planning a proper F1 car with 2 seats so you can experience real F1. Might have to go back for that one.

After 2 hours sleep it was wake up, limo to the airport and then fly Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Brisbane – another 20 hours or so to get home. Awesome trip. Full on but very enjoyable – and the conference was worthwhile as well. Enjoy the photo’s.

Golf in the desertMassive BunkerOli pipes and rig while playing golfPutting next to oil rigWinnerOil refineryCool buildingOn the F1 trackWinner again3 seater drag carThat's a lot of horsesJust been very fast

We’re in the middle of school holidays here in QLD so we have shipped the kids off to my brothers where they are going skiing for a few days down south.

With the kids off our hands Nat & I decided to head to glorious Noosa. The weather is perfect – about 20 degrees Celsius – with not a cloud in the sky. We picked a luxury hotel right on the beach and our suite has 3 bedrooms, 2 balconies and a spa on the roof top balcony.

Our days are filled with a sleep in, a long breakfast, spot of shopping down fabulous Hastings Street, lite lunch, reading on the beach then dinner at a fabulous restaurant. Last night we dined with friends at a ‘top 20’ restaurant in Australia called ‘Wasabi’ and tonight with my business partner and his wife at Sails – right on the beach.

The shops are quiet and for the first time in years there are ‘for lease’ signs on the windows on Hastings Street. One shop keep told me that the region has been hit hard this year because of 3 factors.

1) Japanese Tsunami

2) New Zealand earthquakes

3) Brisbane floods

The weather is perfect this time of year – come visit Noosa. The region needs an economic boost – we’re doing our bit at least!


Prawns on the beach

Relaxing at the beach

Roof top spa

Slurpee, drinks or coffee anyone

View from our suite

For my 40th birthday my wife bought me a trip into Space on Virgin Galactic. Pretty cool present. I am no. 293 in the world to fly and no. 13 in Australia to sign up for it.

Here is a sneak preview from a test flight yesterday.

Today Nat & I were in the fashion capital of Australia – Melbourne.

In the morning I did the keynote speech for a conference of 129 Accountants and 1 lawyer. It was a rousing, thought provoking and challenging talk – at least that’s what the delegates told me.

Because Nat knew I was going to Melbourne she wanted to come with me – to shop. So I was finished by 11am and we were in a limo by 1120. Our driver, Tom, took us to place to place and dropped us off so we could walk and shop. We were due to rendezvous in a couple of hours.

What we did not realise was that as we walked he was ‘following’ us in the car. So we would literally come out of the shop with bags and he was there. Dump the bags in the car and off to the next place. It was very cool. However there is a problem with this service. When you are shopping without a driver / car you can only hold so much and you know when it is time to go home when your arms are tired.

We had to buy more luggage to bring the necessities home!