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Latest book available today for Pre-order

Today is the day that my latest book goes on sale. You can pre-order as of today – shipped on march 27. It’s been 21 years in the making. I have piled all of my best ideas into a 198 page ‘manual’ that has rich content, loads of process visuals and practical help. Although for Accountants any business will get value from it. One Accountant already ordered 100 copies for his team. If you’re an Accountant buy it. If you’re not then why not buy a copy for your Accountant. I want to massively influence lives and create a wave of change with this book. You can pre-order here.

Real Time Cash-flow forecasting – a reality

On January 17 2015 I posted (in part) the post below.  This Thursday we are running a webinar on how you can make cash-flow (profit, loss, balance sheet and cash-flow) forecasting easy and seriously valuable for your clients.

Details of the cash-flow webinar

Thursday February 19th, 1100-1200 – Brisbane time, free of charge.

If you want to see how you can offer real time cash-flow forecasting and monitoring then register here.


January 17 blog post.

We all know that cashflow (lack thereof) is the main reason businesses fail. The number one issue in businesses around the world right now is cashflow management.

We all know it and the Accounting profession is uniquely placed to help improve it.

Your clients want it as well. Well, not all clients want it. In our survey 29% said they did not. However, 71% said that if the service was reasonably priced and they could see value in it then they would be interested in exploring the idea.

Survey - cashflow

It’s a no brainer. I ask Accountants what’s the most valuable service they can offer to their business clients. No surprises. It is cashflow monitoring and forecasting. So if it’s the most valuable then how many of your business clients have a live, working, accurate and real time cashflow forecast? Very few is always the answer. Yet this is the most valuable thing you can do. Here’s what we (the business community) want when it comes to cashflow. We want to know how much free cash we have each month to spend on whatever we want to spend it on. We want to know how we are tracking and what we can do to improve it. Your clients are not financial analysts like you. You can help us in this area.

The service you provide is a cashflow forecasting and monitoring service. In your definition you call it a ‘3 way rolling cashflow.’ It covers the cash flow forecast, the profit & loss and the balance sheet. If your client is borrowing money from a bank then the bank wants it. Even if your client is not borrowing money then it is a good thing to have. The problem with ‘hard drive’ based systems (or heaven forbid spreadsheets) is that once they are created they are out of date. By using old technology you cannot monitor the cashflow unless it is manually entered.

With cloud accounting and ‘add on’ partners like PANALITIX you can do this automatically. You can prepare the forecast based on historical data plus some planning. You can ‘normalize’ the numbers month to month with the client. You can consolidate the data as it is transacted at the client’s end and because the accounting data is linked to the ‘bank feeds,’ the cashflow, the forecast and the balance sheet is kept up to date every single day. Now that’s Real Time Accounting!

If the bank needs an update then you can provide it quickly. If your client wants it then you can provide it quickly. If you have got your client on a monitoring service then you can be immensely valuable.

Digital Marketing Manager

It is with awesome excitement that my current Marketing Manager has resigned. Not that I wanted her to resign. It is exciting because after 4 1/2 years she is turned into an Entrepreneur. She is joining her husband in their fast growing business. That leaves a gap in the PANALITIX team. I am looking for an amazing Digital Marketing Manager who can take us to the next level. If you know of someone then get them to submit their resume here.

We created a quick video of what we are looking for.

Calling all consultants

My good friend Alan Weiss is running the first dedicated conference just for Consultants. He has 11 speakers over 2.5 days in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It’s on March 11-13 2015. It’ll be a great program and great value @ $995. If you are a consultant, coach or trainer and you want to grow your revenue and profits then it would be very worthwhile attend. You can learn more here.



Burning the Brand

With the increasing development of technology many companies have been forced to close their doors or reinvent themselves. Think of the products that have gone by the wayside due to the digital economy; Kodak, Walkman, record stores.

Our business, Proactive Accountants Network (PAN) is no different. Established for nine years, with team members in four countries and over 2000 Accounting Firms as clients, today we are killing our long held brand.

My business partner, Colin Dunn and I made the decision to bury the current brand and reinvent it as a software business called PANALITIX, in the process completely restructuring the previous offerings into an online software provider.

Our previous model was very labour dependent. It involved accountants flying to our offices every quarter for face-to-face coaching on running better businesses. Now with online learning, webinars and the vast array of information on the web, this model is becoming unviable and difficult to scale, even though it delivers outstanding results for the firms that use it. We will continue to run this program for the firms involved – however under the PANALITIX banner.

We have spent the past three years making this transition to develop a new software application, PANALITIX. This tool bundles all our previous learning and coaching content into the backend of the software which is used by accountants to consolidate all their clients’ data from all accounting software onto one dashboard.

One of our star clients, David Cowling from Brisbane based accounting firm Roberts & Cowling told me: “‘The main reason I use PANALITIX is to keep my eye on the ball with my clients.” PANALITIX displays businesses’ data in real time to help pre-empt what’s going on in a client’s business. The program sends daily alerts to the accountant and flags if one of their business clients is in trouble. This now means that accountants can be proactive rather than reactive and call a business owner to discuss worrying financial trends before it’s too late.

Our group coaching has had a profound impact on the ability of accountants to positively impact their clients’ businesses. Over 700 accounting firms have been through the coaching program. Over the life of the program, we have developed a substantial library of video based training and associated content for accountants to run a better accounting business and then help their clients run better businesses. PANALITIX integrates all of this content, providing not just a technology solution but also the ‘how tos’ that accountants need to properly advise their clients.

Now that we have reinvented our business, we are positively influencing more businesses than ever and will achieve our goal a lot faster. Plus the bonus is we have created our own category, and have a unique piece of software that does not exist anywhere else in the world. If an accountant needs help with developing an area of a client’s business – we have the resources to help them deliver it cost effectively to clients.

The creation of PANALITIX was not without heartache. Software development is a hungry beast, and we were totally funded out of operating cash flow. We have a team of twenty developers who have been working on this for three years to get it to the stage we are at now. With over 350 firms already using PANALITIX and getting great results with their clients, we are very confident that we are moving in the right direction.

Our General Manager, Rob Pillans, has been leading the development team. I asked Rob for his insights on what is happening in the profession. He said: “In order to survive in this economy of digital disruption, you have to evolve or dissolve. We have over 130 hours of learning content for accountants and we just had to repurpose it and present it in the framework of a cloud software solution so that it suits the future of business and the future of the accounting profession. We have worked very closely with accounting software developers on their API’s so that we now automatically integrate with Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live and QuickBooks Online. PANALITIX pulls the data from these programs to monitor clients and help accountants provide the advice and conversation they need to be having with business owners.”

Our whole team is excited about the new direction and we’re looking forward to continuing to serve the accounting profession around the world and to help them make a massive difference with their clients.

To celebrate the re-invention we burned the old brand yesterday. It was a cathartic experience. You can find more details on our new website,

Burning 1 Burning 2 Burning 3