I was chatting with my buddy Michael Sheargold (super coach to the super star Real Estate Agents) 2 days ago and he told me about a real estate seminar he is running around the country as well as Auckland.

It’s called SuperCharge Your Results and designed for real estate agents and principals.

I floated the idea of being able to secure some complimentary tickets (they are $197 per person) for my blog reading Accountants to “gift” to your real estate clients.

Of course given the great relationship Michael and I have, he said sure thing! So you have up to 4 complimentary tickets to give to your real estate clients – very cool!

Now my recommendation here is that you become the hero (in your clients’ eyes) and give them a quick call and let them know what you’ve been able to organise for them.

You’ll also see a pdf of the brochure for you plus for more info about the event you can pop onto…

I’ve organised a special code so all your clients need to do is book in on the site and then pop the coupon code of ACC7 to take advantage of the relationship you have with Michael.

Or Michael has just popped an extra video up on Youtube at…

To be a success in the Accounting profession you need to focus on increasing the average project fee per client. Not the total fee but for each transaction how much margin do you realise.

Here are 11 points to implement to increase the value of each project – without increasing the labour component.

  1. Realise and believe your services are worth more
  2. Find the courage to charge more
  3. Increase all prices immediately
  4. Offer additional services at the time of buying
  5. Have a standard menu of services and price list
  6. Price in advance not arrears
  7. Articulate the value of each project eloquently
  8. Get rid of low margin services and low margin clients
  9. Improve your language and sales skills
  10. Target more profitable clients & services
  11. Use value based fees – not time X rate!

I am flabbergasted at the lack of questions that come from Accountants. In our live workshops, our on line forum, our coaching meetings and even in general conversations – not enough questions are asked.

In my world we are providing systems, tools, education & coaching about matters that our clients (Partners of Accounting firms) want to learn:

Profit, People excellence, workflow, efficiencies,  leadership, marketing, sales, value pricing etc.

These are all topics that my coaches and I are experts on. You are expert in finance, tax, structuring etc. Our clients pay good money to learn new ideas in each of the above topics yet when it comes time for questions – they seldom come.

I know we are good but we cannot be that good and explain it that well that minimal questions are forthcoming.

Why are you not more curious?

Why don’t you ‘put it out there’ and get clarification?

Why don’t you post more questions on our online forum?

I think I know the answer. You have been trained (by whom I am unsure) to be expected to know the answers. And anything less than knowing the answers is seen to be a sign of weakness.

I think by not asking questions – that is a sign of weakness. By not asking questions you are saying that you ‘know it all’. And you know what they say about people who know it all – they know little.

You might think that your question is a stupid question. Let me assure you the only stupid question is the one you do not ask.

I just don’t get it. I really don’t. There is a direct correlation between the curious ones and business success. Always seeking clarification and asking questions. Ask a better question – you might just get an answer and speed up your progress.

Go on – ask!

For many firms the concept of ‘pricing up front’ scares them. They are scared that the price will be wrong, that there will be ‘job blow out’, that there are variations and the dreaded ‘what will  the client think’?

Once you get over yourself and start pricing every job up front you will find that the clients love the fact that there is certainty in the price and scope of work. You will be pleasantly surprised.

To help you with some of the mechanics you need to have 2 paragraphs in your engagement / implementation plan letters:

Paragraph 1 – deals with ‘scope creep’ – when there is more in the job then you first thought:

“The price listed is for the scope of works that are documented that we have both agreed on. If there is anything outside of this scope that you request, or if we find additional matters that need dealing with that have not been listed and priced then we will communicate with you separately with what they are and how much the additional price will be.”

Paragraph 2 – deals with offering phone calls and emails.

Please feel rest assured that you can contact us as often as you like with questions or for
assistance. Our Annual Accounting Service only covers those discussions which assist you
with your initial query. If as a result of our discussions and/or upon your request, we deem that
there is work to be performed that will fall outside of our Annual Accounting Service, we will
advise you of this before we commence any work and provide you with a fixed price
engagement to complete the work, at your discretion.

“As part of this service you can contact us as often as you like with questions or for assistance. Our [Service] only covers those discussions which assist you with your initial query. If as a result of our discussions and/or upon your request, we deem that there is work to be performed that will fall outside of our [Service], we will advise you of this before we commence any work and provide you with a fixed price engagement to complete the work, at your discretion.”

By adding these paragraphs you will serve your client better and improve your margins. Win:Win!

What a day it was yesterday. During the day at my “Sales Success” workshop with 120 Accountants I had the legendary Paul Dunn speak to my group. And during the night I sat next to our former (and the most successful of all time) Prime Minister – the Hon John Howard AC at a charity dinner.

What a day!

Paul is 68 years old this year and he enters his 5th decade educating and inspiring people. He spoke for 100 minutes on the meaning of ‘being remarkable’ and creating ‘WOW’ experiences in your business.

Paul has been instrumental in my career (I have known him for 25 years) and over the years he has inspired >10,000 accounting firms over the years to greatness. His energy is second to none and he was genuinely interested in making a difference- not just going through the motions.

Mr Howard is an absolute master. It was the first time I have met him and at 72 years old he is still the consummate professional who made an effort to meet as many people as he could.

I was speaking to the leader of the QLD opposition (Campbell Newman) whilst Mr Howard was ‘working the room’ and I said “Look at this Campbell, he’s 72, he doesn’t need to do this and he is making everyone so welcome”.

Mr Howard spoke to the group for 28 minutes covering leadership, team work and political topics. Over dinner we spoke privately and extensively, about the state of the political arena, sporting leadership and some of the more interesting people he has met in his illustrious career.

What a day – 2 legends to be inspired by!

Paul Dunn

John Howard - dinner

John Howard