Hello Rob,

Sincere thanks to you and your fabulous marketing team at Nixon Advantage for extending Entica with an invitation to witness the Launch of the Proactive Accountants Network program.

We at Entica are extremely proud of the new relationship we have with Nixon, and felt further privileged to join the PAN ‘family’ in witnessing your dynamic Webinar earlier this week.

We enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and found it equally informative, entertaining and relevant.

As members of a professional service delivery business, we too often hunger for opportunities to; build networks with like-minded colleagues, discover strategies for creating greater efficiency/profit/cash flow, capitalise on other companies experience and to be ‘led’ to reflect on the value in our own enterprise.

So we offer a hearty Congratulations to you Rob – the PAN program is clearly already a success, but would appear to be poised to draw out more of the very best Accountancy enterprises from across the country; to share, grow and profit collectively.

Entica is excited to be onboard the Nixon ‘member benefit’ express……..and look forward to the opportunity to creatively collaborate with some of these innovative, successful and dynamic Accountancy firms in Australia. So bring them on……

We wish you and Nixon all the best with the PAN program, and with the many exciting activities you have planned across the Nixon Advantage schedule for 2011/12.

Yours sincerely, Peter

Peter Lynch
Managing Director

230 harcourt street
post office box 696
new farm, qld, 4005