On average I do over 100 flights per year all over the world. I have been doing this for 17 years or so – so probably 1700 flights and who knows how many different airport security checks.

This morning was different. I was at Newcastle (NSW, Australia) domestic airport at 5:40am ready for my flight back to Brisbane. I grabbed a coffee and then went to security fully expecting to toss it out before passing. I was still a bit sleepy I think!

I was pleasently surprised – as you can see – to be presented with a coffee holder to hold the coffee as it passed through the scanner thing. The security staff where cheerful (another simple concept so many airports forget) and even the explosive check guy was friendly as he swabbed my case and person. Never in my years of travelling have I experienced a level of service like this from an airport security team.

It was an overall pleasant and delightful experience for a weary traveller. If an airport can get it right for service – how about you?