Today Nat & I were in the fashion capital of Australia – Melbourne.

In the morning I did the keynote speech for a conference of 129 Accountants and 1 lawyer. It was a rousing, thought provoking and challenging talk – at least that’s what the delegates told me.

Because Nat knew I was going to Melbourne she wanted to come with me – to shop. So I was finished by 11am and we were in a limo by 1120. Our driver, Tom, took us to place to place and dropped us off so we could walk and shop. We were due to rendezvous in a couple of hours.

What we did not realise was that as we walked he was ‘following’ us in the car. So we would literally come out of the shop with bags and he was there. Dump the bags in the car and off to the next place. It was very cool. However there is a problem with this service. When you are shopping without a driver / car you can only hold so much and you know when it is time to go home when your arms are tired.

We had to buy more luggage to bring the necessities home!