In my work with Accountants I find that courage (lack of) and self esteem (low) is killing progress. I cover the reasons why this is so in my new book ‘Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up‘ and in this post I wanted to cover what to do about it.

How do you build courage?

1) Get testimonials from clients. Ask them and they will write nice things about you. It can be audio, video, or text. Get permission to use your clients full details and pump it out to the world. It’ll make you feel better

2) Create case studies from clients. A case study should be structured as a ‘what, now, how, how’ story. Before we started working with you what did you used to look like? Now what do you look like. How did you do it and how did we help you do it. Get it in writing, get a photo of your client and pump it out to the world.

3) Ask your clients what value you create for them. Boldly ask where you have helped them and then go to no. 1 & 2 and get it in writing / on film.

4) Ask others before you price or do a new thing. If you bounce your idea off others then they may give you confirmation or give you a better view. Our coachingclub program does that every day – and so does our online forum where 750 Accountants talk every day about issues and opportunities.

5) Do a self review of yourself. Pump yourself up and give yourself a score card on the key things you are really good at. You must be good at something.

6) On point 5 – build on the strengths. Forget the weaknesses – hire someone to do that or outsource it. Do not learn how to do things you are not inclined to do or do not enjoy doing. If you are good at something get better at it.

7) Have a BIG desire to improve and change. The bigger your desire the easier things are. When the dream is big enough the facts don’t count!