Towards the end of 2010 we conducted our largest Benchmarking Study on the Accounting profession yet. In total 373 firms from across Australia and New Zealand participated in the survey.

The report was released last Thursday and already over 13,000 Accountants have downloaded it.

Some of the highlights from this year’s Report are:

  • Two years ago the average profit per Partner was $211,050. This year the average of the 373 firms surveyed is $305,191 profit per Partner
  • The highest performer was $1.7 million profit for a Sole Practitioner
  • We are also starting to see revenue per Director get to decent levels – the top performer at $3.8 million
  • Revenue per full-time equivalent person (incl. Directors) peaked at $385,081 – you can make a good profit on those results
  • Average hourly rate averaged at $160 with a high of $356 – still not high enough for the value that you create
  • The lock up (WIP and debtors combined) average was quite poor at 92 days – but the best performer has -61 days in lock up

You can download a copy of the free Report here. You can also view the recording of the webinar we held about the Report on Tuesday.

The Report also outlines a number of recommendations on how any Accounting firm can make improvements to their results in the key areas surveyed.

It is all free with no strings attached. Enjoy the gift!