Almost everyone reading this article has had a good idea that they have not implemented. Or you set a goal and the necessary action steps were not implemented – thus the goal was not achieved.

The ideas may have come from a seminar, a book, a podcast, the internet, or even one of my articles or blog posts!

All good ideas at the time but little or no implementation. What a waste of energy coming up with the idea. As my friend Michael Sheargold says “the power of an idea is in its implementation”.

I am an implementer. I get things done and I get them done because I follow my 9 step process. Each day for the next 9 days I will add one more step.


You need to start with WHY you would want to implement something. People are either motivated by fixing something or achieving something. If you are 100% delighted with your business progress then you will implement nothing.

As an adviser to Accounting firms my biggest competitor is perceived apathy. The perception is that everything is OK so you get comfortable and apathy kicks in. You need to work out WHY you want to do something different. When we ask our coachingclub members they tell us it is a mix of 8 reasons WHY they implement. Maybe

  1. Cashflow improvement
  2. Reduced risk
  3. Increased profit
  4. Team excellence
  5. Client delight
  6. Personal excellence
  7. Revenue growth
  8. Lifestyle improvement.

Work out a strong set of reasons WHY and you will start implementing.