Prediction # 5 – The next partners will want faster results and be less patient

There is a definite ‘needs requirements’ difference between the so called generation Y,X and baby boomers. Around 90% of all partners are either Baby Boomers (current age 46 – 60) or Generation X (current age 30-45). As I generalise the baby boomers are less resistant to change mainly because they have their asset base sorted (or they should have). The next generation (X) are building assets for their future and are keen to adopt new ideas.

The next group of partners to come through, generation Y (current age 20-30), are a different breed. There has been much written about their needs and style. Hasten to say it is a faster moving generation than the previous two. The have grown up on the internet and other technology. When they become partners over the next few years they will want faster results and be far less patient. They are not going to wait for years and years to get a return on their investment.