On my travels I often have an ‘in room’ massage. Not THAT kind of massage – a therapeutic one!

On my last trip to the UK Nat & I had 2 ladies in the room massage us each for 1 hour. Cost £95 each. Or in Australian dollars about $180 or so for the hour. I have paid up to A$225 for a 1 hour massage before.

Anyway, whilst I was laying 0n the massage bed being pummeled I started thinking about Accountants. Yes very sad I know. Why I was thinking about you?

The masseur was earning $180 as an ‘average hourly rate’ for work completed and I know heaps of Accounting firms who are not even close to earning an AHR of $180. Most Accounting firms I get to meet (before we start working with them) are earning $125 – $175 AHR – after write offs.

The work of the Masseur lasts about 24 hours. The work of an Accountant sometimes last a lifetime. Why do you charge by the hour? Why do you charge so little?