My 12 year old son had his first Football (Soccer for our North American readers) game of the season today. He was a in new team with a new coach. Most of the boys had played before however it was evident that they have never played together as a team.

Everyone on the team was always in a cluster doing their own thing. They were all wanting the ball. They were making lots of noise, rushing around in an uncoordinated manner. The coach was constantly yelling – “spread out” and the boys were constantly yelling “pass it to me”. No one was listening to each other.

Many of the boys had talent – but they were not working together.

They reminded me of how many accounting firms work together – before we start working with them! It reminded me of herding seagulls!

The football team (see accounting team) were a team of champions – but not a championship team…yet. A championship team will beat a team of champions every day of the week.

To build a championship team you need…

1. A Common Purpose
2. Solid Values & Standards
3. Goal Alignment
4. Roles, Responsibilities & Priorities
5. Open Communication
6. Participation & Support
7. A Power Plan of Action
8. Risk Taking & Innovation
9. Constant celebration

How does your team operate? A championship team, a team of champions or is it like herding seagulls?

They won 1-0 against a team 1 year younger

They won 1-0 against a team 1 year younger