What a whirlwind 4 night / 5 day trip! It started well before arriving due the volcano in Iceland with Nat nearly stranded in Singapore and me in Brisbane. It all worked out in the end with us both sitting together – even after a heart stopping moment when at check in the LED reader said ‘not valid to board’ on Nat’s boarding card. Here are a few memorable moments..

  1. We stayed in the posh Bentley Hotel although we were collected in a Mercedes Benz.
  2. We selected the hotel because it was only 1 of 4 hotels available in London with a spa bath in the room – it turned out to be a disappointing regular bath with jets.
  3. Although I had been to the UK around 20 times before I had never really used the tube system – after a bit of studying the map we worked it out.
  4. I really appreciated London more than before due to seeing it with a) sunshine and b) running the streets past all the famous sights.
  5. After the run (and the Virgin after party) I was invited to visit St James Palace as a guest of Prince Edward and the Duchess of York. I arrived (7pm) just as the party finished. No one told me of the appropriate arrival time!
  6. We visited Harrods (as we always do) and shopped (me hobbling along) for 4 hours.
  7. It was our 18th wedding anniversary on Monday so (among other things) we went to a show – Priscilla Queen of the Desert. One of the best shows we have been to.
  8. We travelled up north (Northumberland area) to visit my 89 year old grandfather. He was so proud.
  9. We visited the church and cemetery where my grandmother is buried. The church dates back to 1229.
  10. The local newspaper (Hexham Courant) were intrigued of my story (Nat buying me ticket on Virgin Galactic and entering me in the Marathon) so they did an interview and sent a photographer around. It’s a weekly paper – this was big news for the Northern Countryside.
  11. We stayed on a friends farm in renovated stables. They have converted the stables to a 2 bedroom luxury B&B. The stables were built sometime in the 1700’s.
  12. On the way back from London to Bangkok Nat & I had the entire First class cabin to ourselves – very cool.

What a trip!


I have never been so prepared for anything in my life as I was when I ran the London Marathon last Sunday. The whole thing was one big preparation. From the moment Nat told me as a ‘by the way’ that she had signed me up to run it was all preparation.

Seeing I had not completed a marathon before I had no idea what to expect for times etc. So I set a goal that would take mental toughness and determination. My desired goal was to ‘finish without walking or stopping’. Once established I started telling friends and clients of my goal. There is a lot of power in not only setting a goal but telling others about your goals – it keeps you accountable. Lesson # 1 – set goals and tell others about them.

I was determined to follow the running plan that the organisers put out. I figured that someone else has done it before me so I would just trust the process. It was a 24 week plan which I started about 32 weeks out. I was hit with a nasty knee injury which set me back 9 weeks (and 15 physio sessions) so I started the program again – 17 weeks out. I also signed up with Pat Carroll’s (4 times Gold Coast marathon winner) online coaching program for strategy guidance. Lesson # 2 – someone else has done what you want to do, follow the leaders.

Every weekday morning at 5am I would meet with my personal trainer for a variety of running and cross training sessions. We would pound the pavement and the road, keeping track of times and distance and logging every run. Every Sunday I would run the longer run on my own as per the plan – they steadily got longer and longer and longer. The longest run I did before tee off was 33km’s. The whole exercise took a toll on the family. My sleep patterns had to change (in bed by 8:30pm most nights and up at 4:20am), my eating habits changed and my alcohol intake dropped significantly – evening functions were not much fun the past few months. Lesson # 3 – if you want something bad enough, often you have to sacrifice.

All of this preparation worked. Although I arrived partially jet lagged to the start line (only arrived into London the day before) and with a nagging thigh injury caused from the 33km run I still felt fresh and ready to go – although I do think it was the adrenalin kicking in. I stuck to my strategy of not going out too fast (which most people do) and kept an even(ish) pace over the entire distance. I had my iPod playlist working (although it went flat with 12km to go), my band aids suitable placed for past blisters / bleeding areas (bleeding nipples are not a good look) and my fancy running watch tracking my speed. I was extremely disciplined in my approach. Lesson # 4 – create a plan and stick to it.

It was an exciting atmosphere. The papers reported 700,000 people lining the streets shouting and cheering you on. I was convinced they were all out to see me! There were 80 pubs along the way and they all had something going on – live bands, motivational music blaring even a gospel choir. Because your name was on the front of your shirt people were cheering you on by name. Many of the supporters had pints of beer they were enjoying and there were even BBQ’s (what a great smell that was) cooking at a few points. It was like a festival. Along the way I was offered ‘gummy bear’ lollies, oranges and even beer – that was very tempting. I refused them all. I did however start dreaming about the first beer I would have at the after party – it was sweet. Lesson # 5 – avoid temptations that may derail you.

I had to get into a zone to see me through the last 10-15ks. It was rather surreal. It was like I was in another world – running in a trance Thanks to Nat’s pep talk she gave me I was talking to myself a bit saying things like “it’s only 2 more hours / 60 minutes etc of your life” and “your goal is to finish without walking or stopping” and “not long now before I see Nat” and “no one else seems to be stopping”. I kept my eye on the prize even though my feet were in agony and my knees felt like they had been hit with a hammer – hard. Lesson # 6 – if the dream is big enough the facts don’t count.

As previously mentioned I did achieve my primary goal of finishing without walking or stopping and I achieved my secondary goal of under 4hrs 30 minutes. The ‘race magic’ high lasted 2 more days after completing. It was weird, I could hardly walk for the next 2 days but I felt great.

On day 3 afterwards (Wednesday) the high ended and I hit the euphemistic ‘wall.’ My body came crashing down. It was like BOOM – it hit me. I had trained for months, travelled to the other side of the world to compete in my first marathon. I did it and I was exhausted.

Time to go home.

The MallP1000659P1000665

One marathon complete! I achieved my primary goal of running without walking or stopping. I also acheived my secondary goal of under 4hrs 30min.

My time was 4hrs 20 mins + 57 seconds. Woohoo. The power of writing down goals.

My 1/2 marathon pace was under 2 hrs so I was hopeful for <4hrs. However the last 10-15 k’s were a killer. I had zero left in the tank at the end and once finished I could hardly walk. The Virgin after party was a mix of a few beers, ice bath, massage and awesome conversation.

None of this would be possible without my beautiful wife Nat. She is the one who signed me up for it!

One of life’s ultimate experiences ticked off. Very pleased with myself. Photos to follow.

Not even an angry Volcano could stop us arriving this morning into London. I met Nat in Singapore after she had been trekking for 6 days through the Himalayas and we were due to travel to together to London.

Normally we travel together in Business or First class but due to the Volcano in Iceland, my original flight was cancelled, and every flight was booked so all we could get Nat was a ‘luxurious’ seat down the back of the plane – much to her delight. Not!

When we handed in our boarding passes, the scanning machine for Nat’s one read ‘unable to board‘. Not more drama we thought. After a heart stopping few seconds the security attendant calmly said – you’ve been upgraded Mrs Nixon.

So after a testing week of cancelled and changed flights and not knowing if we were going to make it a very pleasant flight was had by both of us up the front. We got plenty of sleep on the flight and arrived fresh to a brisk but sunny Spring day.

After we then checked into our Hotel (it was picked because it was one of 4 hotels in London that had a spa bath in the room) and headed for the Marathon exhibition and registration at the ExCel centre.

There were thousands of people at the ExCel centre and when Sir Richard arrived with his celebrity friends the throng of waiting media and paparazzi went nuts with their cameras.

There are about 100 runners in the Virgin Unite team and 6 of us in the Virgin Galactic team. We were given a great bottle of french champagne as a gift which is in the mini bar fridge awaiting my finish tomorrow.

At last I got to meet one of my all time business heroes. Looking forward to spending more time with him as I get to know him.

Tomorrow its expected to be 17 degrees and sunny. Great running conditions. Although I heard someone moaning that it was going to be hot! There is a Virgin after party at a Bar. That should be fun.

Looking forward to a great day!


Adding to the great work by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great I have developed a visual which will help keep you focussed. The premise of the visual is answering 3 very important questions and then living by them as your business develops.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What can you be the best in the / your world at?
  3. What drives your economic engine?

It took me 4 hours to answer these for the first time! However, when I answered them it became very clear what I needed to do. Here are my answers:

  1. What are you passionate about? Improving the financial position of our clients
  2. What can you be the best in the / your world at? Understanding the industry that we work with
  3. What drives your economic engine? Net profit per client

These 3 answers were picked for the following reasons:

Improving the financial position of our clients. Nothing fires me and my team up more when one of our clients does well. Its what we live for. These days with 5 coaches and hundreds of clients we are hearing success stories all the time. It could be a profit turnaround, an internal win, a client win, a celebration of some sort – all which leads to helping our clients improve their financial position. It’s what we live for. On average our clients are 93% more profitable (profit per partner) than the average of the industry. They didn’t start that way – we helped them do it.

It helps with decision making as well. If the new idea that we want to take to our clients does not help them improve then we will not do it. We are extremely focussed on helping our clients improve their financial position. And I must say we’re darn good at it as well.

Understanding the industry that we work with. We cannot be the best coaches, trainers or publishers in the world. Many will lay claim to that. What we can do is understand our clients like no one else. We are the best the world at understanding the accounting profession. Not how they do their technical work and what they deliver to clients – but how they run their businesses. We are speaking and working with accounting firms every single day – it’s all that we do. We do not deal with legal professionals or other professional service firms. Just accountants. We love accountants! The more we understand about our clients the more credible we become and the more focussed we are at achieving answer # 1.

On decision making. If the idea we have (or someone else’s idea) is not about directly working with accounting firms then we will not entertain it. For example let’s say someone came up with a technology idea for the general business community that they wanted the accounting profession to onsell to their clients. Good luck – not for us.

Net profit per client. My business is a ‘for maximum profit business. It needs to make a good profit margin so it can continue to innovate, re-invest and have the best people in the world serving the clients. So any new idea we take to the clients must return a good margin to us. Many ideas that people have are nice ideas with lots of effort but little return.

If you have 1 & 2 working but not 3 (and you’re in C) then you are charity. If you have 1 & 3 working (and you are A) then you are not focussed. If you have 2 & 3 working (and you are in B) then you are not enjoying what you do. The key to this model is getting all 3 working in sync.

Spend some time working out your answers – you’ll be glad you did.

Success Zone

If you are interested (or just bored) you can track my running time on Sunday. If you download the application it will update every 5km’s – my speed, expected finish time etc.

You’ll need my race number which is 29160

The race starts (for elite runners – not me) at 0945 London time (6:45pm AEST) Sunday. I am last off with Sir Richard (he is the official starter) so who knows when I get past the start line.

Simply go here, download the app and follow the instructions.

Thanks for your support.

Over the next couple of months there are number of events which will help you run a better, more profitable business.

Friday April 30. Free Teleseminar – The Future of the Accounting Profession.

The first one was booked out in 5 hours with over 300 firms registering. So a second event has been scheduled for 3pm (AEST) on April 30

On this teleseminar I will be handing down my 12 predictions on the future of the profession and what you need to do right now to prepare for that which lies ahead. I will also be unveiling a new business model that will revolutionise the way you do business. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to get a head start on the rest!

Here is the agenda for this ‘not to be missed’ teleseminar:

  • What is wrong with the current business model
  • What is right with the current business model
  • My 12 predictions for the future of the Accounting profession
  • Your new organisational chart unveiled
  • Your new services model unveiled
  • Your new financial model unveiled
  • How to implement the new model

This is a ground-breaking announcement that will have you either very excited about the future or very worried.

The details for the teleseminar are as follows:

When: Friday, 30 April 2010 at 3:00 p.m. (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Duration: Up to 1 hour
Where: Your telephone
Who: All key decision makers in your firm
Cost: FREEPlease note that Telstra Conference Call charges do apply
To Register: Click here and enter your details to confirm your place

If you miss it (or you are outside of Australia) will put a link up for download.

Good news. With London’s Heathrow airport opening today it means that the backlog (incl me) of hundreds of thousands of people will start to fly into and out of Europe. I have been told I am definitely on the flight to London on Friday night – Nat’s old ticket.

Even better news. With a very clever travel agent I was able to buy another ticket (someone cancelled their seat on the overbooked flight just my travel agent went online) on the same flight as me for Nat. Although not in the same travel class she is at least happy that she is going – we’ll deal with that one on the way.

So all good to go. Will provide photo’s and an update when I finally get there and run this thing. Wish me good running!

Last year my wife Nat signed me up to run in this years Virgin London Marathon. My first marathon. It’s on this Sunday April 25. Although booked / sold out she was able to get me a berth because she bought me a trip into space on Virgin Galactic for my 40th birthday ( I travel in 2012). Cool present…men tell your wives to up the ante!

Anyway, Virgin are the primary sponsors of this years London Marathon. As such they were allocated 100 entries to disperse as they saw fit. The Virgin Galactic company (as a client I am now a ‘future astronaut’ and will be addressed as so from now on please) were allocated 5 entries. And that’s when reality struck. I actually had to run this thing. I was signed up to run with Sir Richard Branson – one of my all time business heroes. Woohoo.

Off I start training. I started training in October last year, got to 9 km’s in distance and then got quite badly injured (knee gave way) as I overdid it when I climbed a mountain in the Caribbean in November. After 6 weeks of physio and intense rehab I needed to get started again. That was December 28 and I had 4 months to go. Since that re- start date in December I have ….

  • Awoke consistently @ 4:20am for 4 months ready for 5am training session with Craig the trainer
  • Run 648 km’s – with a peak distance of 33kms
  • Competed in a 1/2 marathon with 3,000 others
  • Stepped out (approx) 804,670 paces
  • Raised A$50K for charity – supporting young people through Virgin Unite
  • Dropped 5kgs – there was not much there in the first place
  • Lost 2 inches off my waist and had to buy a bunch of new strides
  • Dropped my alcohol intake by 90% – even drinking tea and gin & tonic without the gin!

I even discovered the secret to weigthloss and toning. Don’t believe the infomercials that sell pills, potions, lotions and machines. Just run 40k’s+ a week – it has to drop off.

So trained, toned, keen, ready and itching to go. What could go wrong?

Well – one angry volcano in Iceland decides to erupt and disturb my travel plans. I was due to fly out tomorrow night. With Heathrow in lockdown and Qantas very focussed on safety (this is a good thing) they are cancelling flights left right and centre. My Wednesday flight was cancelled tonight – however with some considerable influencing skills and secured a flight on Friday night – Volcano permitting.

You see, Nat (who either wants to get rid of my in space or kill me in a marathon) is in Nepal right now on a charity trek (supporting our favourite foundation – stepUP) and she is / was due to fly from Singapore to London on Friday night. So with my significant influencing skills and a bit of sweet talking to the Qantas agent I was able to bump her (flight was overbooked) and take her seat! It pays to be a Platinum flyer and pay full fares at the right end of the plane.

Nat was supposed to be my support crew at the Marathon. With the backlog of chaos the flights are booked out until mid May and because she is deep in the Himalayan mountains out of phone range she doesn’t know that she is not going to London yet. She originally had a flight booked from Singapore back to Brisbane on the tour – let’s hope she still has it.

So 2 more days at home – more training, anxiously waiting. Fingers crossed the volcano is nice and gets settled and Heathrow airport opens. Will keep you posted. Maybe I should ask Sir Richard if he can pick me up in the spaceship!

VSS Enterprise First Flight       The Triumph of Private "Enterp

My 12 year old son had his first Football (Soccer for our North American readers) game of the season today. He was a in new team with a new coach. Most of the boys had played before however it was evident that they have never played together as a team.

Everyone on the team was always in a cluster doing their own thing. They were all wanting the ball. They were making lots of noise, rushing around in an uncoordinated manner. The coach was constantly yelling – “spread out” and the boys were constantly yelling “pass it to me”. No one was listening to each other.

Many of the boys had talent – but they were not working together.

They reminded me of how many accounting firms work together – before we start working with them! It reminded me of herding seagulls!

The football team (see accounting team) were a team of champions – but not a championship team…yet. A championship team will beat a team of champions every day of the week.

To build a championship team you need…

1. A Common Purpose
2. Solid Values & Standards
3. Goal Alignment
4. Roles, Responsibilities & Priorities
5. Open Communication
6. Participation & Support
7. A Power Plan of Action
8. Risk Taking & Innovation
9. Constant celebration

How does your team operate? A championship team, a team of champions or is it like herding seagulls?

They won 1-0 against a team 1 year younger

They won 1-0 against a team 1 year younger